The Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) was formed as a Government Company and incorporated on 6th September, 1961 consisting of Coke Oven Batteries, By-products Plant, Gas Grid Project, Thermal Power Plant and Water Works. It took over assets and liabilities from Durgapur Industries Board. It is under the administrative control of the Department of Power, Government of West Bengal.

   The Durgapur Projects Limited is the first undertaking of the State Government which has been engaged in development of infrastructure for Industries and was given the stature of an Industry for Industries. Its main objective was to promote development of various large, medium and small scale industries in and around Durgapur and also at other places within the State.

   The Registered Office of The Durgapur Projects Limited is Administrative Building, Durgapur-713201 and also have an Office at Kolkata at 1593, Rajdanga Main Road, Kolkata-700107 which generally functions as liaison office.

   The Coke Oven Plant comprises five Batteries viz Battery No.1 to 5. Major product of Coke Oven was Hard Coke and by-products and it was consumed mainly by Steel Plants.

   The Coke Oven Business has a severe threat due to recession of the Steel Industries and the Coke Oven Batteries had to be gradually cooled down. The last Battery being Battery No.5 was cooled down on 03.07.2015 and as a result the Coke Oven Plant became inoperative since July 2015.

   The Coke Oven Group of plants is under shutdown since July, 2015. Efforts were made to restart COGP under Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, which did not attract interested parties.

   The Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) had five Power Units 1 to 5 commissioned during 1960 to 1966. Units-1 & 2 with installed capacity of 30 MW each and date of commercial operation was 10.08.1960 & 10.06.1960 respectively, Units-3,4 & 5 with a capacity of 77 MW each and commercial operation date was 23.06.1964, 29.06.1964 and 04.07.1966 respectively and the aforesaid five power units were decommissioned. The Unit-6 with installed capacity of 110 MW was declared commercial operation on 01.01.1987 and was decommissioned.

   Now DPL is a Company under the Government of West Bengal with the primary goal of generation of power and supplies it to WBSEDCL, the power distribution company for West Bengal except Kolkata. DPL has its Power Plant at Durgapur with installed capacity of 550 MW as of now. It has two running units i.e Unit No.7 of 300 MW and Unit No.8 of 250 MW capacity.

   DPL also used to supply power to industrial and domestic consumers at its command area of 125 Sq Km in Durgapur. However, pursuant to the State Government decision, DPL became a Power Generating Company only w.e.f 01.01.2019, whereby its Transmission and Distribution activities were transferred to WBSETCL and WBSEDCL respectively.

   DPL has 50 MGD Water Works catering the needs of Industries and Domestic requirements of water in and around Durgapur. 70% of the treated water is consumed by the Plant and Township of the Company and the remaining water is supplied to industrial and domestic consumers.

   Solar Power : It is informed that in addition to setting up of 200 KWp Solar Power Plant in the first phase and 300 KWp Solar PV Plant in second phase on the roof of utility buildings, another project of setting up of ground mounted Solar PV Power Plant of array capacity 7 MWp plant at Durgapur has been envisaged. M/s Exide Industries Limited has been entrusted by WBREDA for setting up of a ground-mounted Grid connected Solar PV Power Plant of array capacity of 7MWp in DPL, Durgapur. The site was handed over to the Party in the month of December, 2019. Installation job of this project is in process.

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