New Expansion Projects

1. Flue Gas Desulphurization Projects FGD

Board of Directors of The Durgapur Projects Ltd (DPL) have accorded approval for installation of Wet FGD system for Unit # 7 and 8 to comply with MoEF guidelines .

Approval was sought for Installation of Lime based Wet FGD system in Unit #7 & 8, DPPS,DPL through CAPEX on June 2020

In view of high CAPEX cost involved with the installation of Wet FGD, paucity of reputed bidders, almost double the price being quoted by bidders (compared to CEA guidelines of 0.45 Crore/MW), balance life of plant operation and limitation of availability of space for retrofit ----- DPL is currently exploring alternate suitability of Installation of Semi-Dry or Dry Sorbent Injection type of FGD which requires lower CAPEX AND Space.

2. Installation of 7 MW Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant at DPL.

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