Renovation and Modernization Projects

1. Supply, delivery, erection, Commissioning & PG Test of ESP,Unit#7,DPL , to maintain the guaranteed stack emission <45mg/Nm3 at an Estimated cost of Rs. 849 Lakhs (inclusive of GST) through OPEN tender will be undertaken in upcoming OH on Aug 2021.

2. Up-Gradation of Obsolete DCS Operating system in Unit#7,DPL-Single Tender on OEM M/s ABB Rs 199.95 lakhs through Capex 2021-21

Justification - Support for Windows XP ended 8th April'2014. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system. As the hard panel in Unit-7 is for Turbine side emergency equipments only, the desk engineers are fully dependent on the HMI stations for operation and monitoring of the Unit. If for any reason those HMI stations stops working, equipment safety and process safety may jeopardize.

3. Installation of Energy Efficient LED Lights replacing conventional lights in different areas under EM-IPH, EM-OPH & EM-CHP-Rs 65.08 Lakhs through Capex 2021-21

Justification (i) The subject job is mandatory requirement as per notification issued by Power deptt, GOWB (ii) To increase the energy efficiency (iii) Less efficient Conventional lights could be replaced, resulting in reduction of APC

4. Replacement of Carriage with Control system for Unit 7 Boiler Goods elevator through Capex 2021-21

Justification (i) Original supplied by Chinese vendor of M/S DEC (ii) At present the Chinese make spares are practically not available and the Lift is suffering from repeated failure and outages hampering Boiler work (iii) Indianisation will enable Best availability of spares of indigenous origin (iv) Less cost of spare parts compared to imported spares (v) Less breakdown of lift and better safety to passenger of the lift with new doors (vi) Better reliability of lift during normal boiler inspection period as well as during overhauling period

5. Up gradation of PLC system at CHP, DPPS, DPL- Rs 50 Lakh through Capex 2021-21

Justification :-PLC system is the main functional unit to control and monitor operation and maintenance jobs at CHP. Smooth functionality of PLC system ensures smooth, sustainable and reliable operation and maintenance of CHP. Presently installed PLC system of M/S Rockwell automation in CHP, Unit 7 & 8 ,DPPS , DPL has become outdated. Indispensable spares of the system also are obsolete and unavailable in the market. Failure and malfunction of PLC system will hinder the normal operation and maintenance jobs at CHP and may incur enormous financial losses to the company.

6. Up gradation of ABT Management Meters and related Software for implementation of SAMAST in State Grid- Rs 83 lakh through Capex 2021-21

Justification :-(I) As per regulatory mandate Implementation of SAMAST in State Grid has to be introduced. In the meeting with WBPDCL & CTD, WBSETCL held on 23/06/2020 at Abikshan Bldg, at 12.00 hrs. that tested interface ABT- Meters, DCUs along with schematic AMR connection diagram for all WBPDCL plants & DPL Plant would be delivered to authorized representatives of WBPDCL & DPL from CTD, WBSETCL, Abikshan Bldg, for installation of meters and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) at respective sites by appropriate local vendors. The cost of such installation and related other materials has to be borne by respective site authorities. (II) In view of Implementation of SAMAST in State Grid existing 15min ABT compliant meters needs to be changed with 5 minute duration meters so meters and metering software , hardware network needs to be upgraded (III) The meters will be procured by WBSETCL through PSDF fund

7. Installation of 132 KV SF6 Circuit Breaker in place of 132kV old Chinese Breaker at132kV Unit-7 Switchyard- Rs 37.5 Lakhs through Capex 2021-21

Justification :-i) All the 132kV Chinese Breakers are in service at Unit-7 132kV Switchyard since a decade back without any major overhauling. We are facing some serious trouble in its operating mechanism causing unnecessary delay in operation. ii) No spare is available with us. We have also stopped procurement of these imported materials to avoid involvement of huge cost. iii) Outage of any 132kV Bay due to aforesaid breakers failure may cause huge revenue loss. Considering all the above, procurement and installation of 132 KV SF6 Circuit Breaker in place of 132kV old Chinese Breaker at132kV Unit-7 Switchyard is urgently required.

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